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Thread: Trying to copy files to WD My Book 500gb: 0x8007045d I/O Error

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    Trying to copy files to WD My Book 500gb: 0x8007045d I/O Error

    I had formatted my Western Digital MyBook. It was a FAT32 drive before. Now I had converted the same to NTFS. The formatting was proper and there were no issues. Now when I started copying data to it, I am getting a I/O error after a while. The error number is 0x8007045d. I keep on getting this error when a few files are copied.

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    Format the drive again and this time remove the tick from Quick Format. Let it go slowly. The error appear when the drive looses connection with the system or when you are moving a very large amount of data at a single time. I got this problem when I was trying to move 700mb videos from my system to external storage. The copying was working fine, but to some extent it failed. I cannot copy each and everything. Also turn off readyboost. Readyboost occupy a part of your hard drive which you cannot use. Try to get a new cable or change the usb port.

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    There are some things that you can try. Reformat the same back to FAT32 and check. Cable connectivity is something that you can doubt. Try to change the port. Use another one which will be better I think. Somehow the error also appear when your system fails to gain connectivity with drive. That can be low power issue. Turn off your system and let it cool for a while. Then connect the drive back and check.

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