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Thread: Vista USB Mass Storage Device Driver for Acer 9410Z

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    Vista USB Mass Storage Device Driver for Acer 9410Z

    I am having a Acer 9410Z laptop and it has Windows Vista Home Premium on it. The laptop works fine, but I am not able to figure what issue lies with usb drive. When I connect a usb device, it is not detected. Basically in Windows XP it is detected as plug and play device. It looks Vista is not having any driver for the same. There are not indication on the screen about the usb device. It is a bit complicated for me to figure out how this is going to work.

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    There can be some issue with the usb device you are using. Because I am also having a Vista laptop. And when I hook any usb device it is detected and new hardware drive installation wizard appear. Check the port also. There can be some issue with port you are having.

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