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Thread: itunes has stopped working APPCRASH

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    itunes has stopped working APPCRASH

    Recently when I tried to start Itunes on my computer, I was getting an error message saying that "itunes has stopped working APPCRASH". I uninstalled and reinstalled the same but still it was giving me same problem. Can anyone tell me how do I solve this problem.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name:APPCRASH
    Application Name: iTunes.exe
    Application Version:7.2.0
    Application Timestamp:4660ad21
    Fault Module Name:Itunes.exe

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    Well, did you try to find out whether apple has released a newer version of Itunes software, that you can install and upgrade from, in your computer? It can be possible that the old version of the itunes might be still picking up the apple devices that you have in your computer, such as the ipod's or the iphone, but due to serveral updates rolling out in the market for windows and other softwares, you also need to have the latest itunes installed in your pc as well, to get proper support. Another things you could do is to check if you have installed the latest driver for the sound card or the graphics card that you have in your system, so that basic necessities gets eliminated here.

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    I had this crap-ware called Lime Wire installed in my pc which was running in the background and due to it, all the applications that were installed in my pc were freezing and quitting whenever I launched them, including the Itunes crash with APPCRASH. I immediately removed LimeWire from my pc and then scanned my pc with AVG antivirus and then uninstalled all the programs and reinstalled everything back. Now, everything started to work properly, hope that this helps someone.

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    Re: itunes has stopped working APPCRASH

    I have been having trouble too. I tried reinstalling iTunes but power got cut off and it never completed installation. I triedagain, and it tells me that Quicktime didn't install properly. I uninstalled and tried to reinstall Quicktime. Still didn't work.
    I thought I'd try from scratch, and I tried to uninstall both quicktime and iTunes. Apparently, part of it installed before the power outage and I cannot uninstall. I get a message saying something like another installation isn't complete. so I am stuck, I can't install or uninstall.... Help please!

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