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Thread: Bluetooth Peripheral Device cannot be found.

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    Bluetooth Peripheral Device cannot be found.

    Hello, when ever I turn on the bluetooth on my laptop, immediately it searches for some devices and then gives error that "Bluetooth Peripheral Device cannot be found". So is there someone who can find the drivers for this below devices that I have listed:

    Device ID:

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    I was getting an error called "driver not found" for the below hardware id:

    I have got myself a Trust Bluetooth USB adapter and on its official site i can only find the XP drivers which was not working on Vista. So, I searched on the net and finally found a BroadCom Bluetooth Software that I downloaded from this link -, but this did not work for me either. So i thought why not lets try and edit the btwavdt.inf in BTW_6.0.1.5500\win32 manually, so first i backed up the BTW_6.0.1.5500 folder and then in the WIDCOMM section I added the below line

    After that I saved and closed this modified .inf file in the same folder as btwavdtmcsty.inf and guess what, it did actually work at the very first time. I saved this modified .inf file in the same folder as btwavdtmcsty.inf and it worked for me!Hope that it works for anybody who is having similar problem.

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    Have you made sure that there is a bluetooth receiver in your computer? Are you able to see it in the control panel. You could try the below solution to get this thing working:
    1. First of there are 2 services that is needed to be removed from your bluetooth devices.
    2. To find the same, you need to click on bluetooth icon on the system tray or quick launch area and then click on show devices.
    3. After that you have to select a device and click on its properties.
    4. Now you have to select the services tab and then deselect all the 2 device services and click on OK.

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    Re: Solution: Bluetooth Peripherial device cannot be found

    this works wonderfully :D
    thanks a lot..
    i love u man

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