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Thread: MSI MS-6967 Bluetooth Dongle driver

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    MSI MS-6967 Bluetooth Dongle driver

    I have a MSI MS-6967 bluetooth which used to work fine in Windows XP. But now that i have upgraded to Windows Vista, am trying to find out a working driver for same. I have checked the MSI site but no where they have listed a proper driver that can work on Vista. So, is there anyone who got this thing working on this new operating system?

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    I think that MSI has now listed the driver for this MSI MS-6967 Bluetooth Dongle on their website. You can download the drivers for this device from here. Incase if that doesnt work, then try to install the Windows XP driver for this bluetooth dongle in compatibility mode and then check if it works. For installing it in compatability mode, you need to right click on its exe file and then go to properties and then select the tab Compatibilty and in the options, tick mark windows xp then close and then double click the .exe file to start the installation. Hope that this will help you out.

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