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Thread: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller will not connect to PC

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    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller will not connect to PC

    I have recently bought a wireless controller to connect my cbox 360 to my pc and for same I have even installed its latest software but after trying to connect this controller, it usually circles around as if it is looking to find the receiver and soon after that a connection is made since the light on the receiver turns stable but the controller light is not stable and is blinking continously. I was wondering how to connect the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to my computer, can anyone help me out.

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    Does the wireless controller needs a battery, if so then check whether its battery is not drained, if so then change it. Are you sure that the xbox receiver program has been started on the msconfig startup pop-up page? It could be an issue with the wireless receiver adapter that might not be getting enough power as it is suppose to connect 4 controller simultaneously, if i am not mistaken. Why dont you try to plug in mouse and keyboard which consumes less power.

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    I have checked and found out that in msconfig the xbox receiver is enabled and also its light is green and i have even tried different batteries but nothing is working. Also, since it was in warranty i replaced it with a new one but am still facing the same issue, usually the controller worked fine for a week or so then again it started acting the same way.

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    First of all go to this link and download the driver for the wireless adapter. You must select controllers >> xbox360 controller for windows >> and your operating system. Install it and see if it works or not. Another solution you can try is to download and install the XBCD Drivers. These are some independent drivers, but its allows a lot better configuration than what comes today with Microsoft drivers. It is one of the highly recommended software in almost every case, except that the support available is for game control. That is, the new ones are taking with the cover of Games For Windows. Since it is a modded version of a driver, search for it on google and download it to your pc. For more troubleshooting, check the ms kb article here -

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    Re: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller will not connect to PC

    I too had this problem. I am running winxp sp3 and have used the controller successfully for about a year. I stopped using it for a while and during that time had replaced both my mouse and key board to logitech wireless mouse and g19 key board. I got a new game and dicided to use the controller. It would not connect to reciever and like in the other comments it would indicate a connection during reboot but was not communicating with windows. I think its a conflict with the logitech stuff. I found an ols powered external usb hub. I tried that and it worked with power on and with power off, so it does not have to be a powered external hub and I think it underscores the possibility that the problem is conflicts woth logetech and not some internal usb / io failure. Hope this works for those still experiencing this problem.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller will not connect to PC

    It must work properly if it is a branded product. It is required to ensure that the controller must work properly. Second thing you will need to install drivers for that. If that is outdated or old then the controller might not work. It is recommended that you must ask for replacement if that does not work at all. I had seen that many non branded products really does not work on Windows.

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