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Thread: Intellipoint Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000

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    Intellipoint Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000

    I am having a Vista system. I had bought the same a month ago. It has Vista pre-installed in the same. I am having a Optical Mouse 4000 wireless mouse. I was using the same on my XP desktop. Now to use on Vista I downloaded some fresh drivers from the offcial website. The mouse was detected. Some keys are not working. Like I cannot zoom in or simply cannot make changes to current configuration. I tried certain settings in Control Panel but there is no issue.

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    I am quiet not able to understand what you are asking about. Is the mouse has issue or certain keys. It is just a basic wireless optical mouse and the official drivers are provided on Microsoft Website. You can try re-download the drivers and ensure that it is detected or not. Because somehow Vista has a number of compatibility bugs with tons of drivers. It is always recommended to collect the most trusted and reliable download.

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    I am having a similar wireless mouse. It is not getting installed in Vista. I tried a number of different setup but nothing worked out. Later on the last option I did is installed a unsigned driver that I found on Google and it worked. If any of your keys or feature is not working then it is not a hardware problem. It is the settings issue. You can only troubleshoot drivers or re-install mouse software if there is any problem with connectivity or other stuff.

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