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Thread: Intel 910/915 Express Chipset

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    Intel 910/915 Express Chipset

    Hello, I have got myself a Intel 910/915 Chipset based hardware and I am looking for a driver that will work on Windows Vista. I was able to fetch one of this drivers but I failed to save it and now it is gone and I cant get it back. When I asked Intel, then they told that WDDM which is needed to run Aero desktop cannot be run by these graphics. Please help me getting a proper working version of the Vista driver for this chipset. Thanks

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    The chipset with a WDDM driver are decided to be not supported by Intel because it gives very less peformance and such other problems. Although there are many public that have different things in their mind to think about. I also bought a new machine recently with a new chipset that now supports Vista pretty fine, and sold the machine with that chipset. Maybe, if you are lucky then they might make the drivers in the upcoming months or so.

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    I have heard that the Intel Driver from Windows update works for this chipset on Vista. You can also go to this website and search for the graphics chipset model driver that you have and download and install the same on your pc. They have also got a program called "identify your product" which you can download and let it find the drivers for the chipset that you have.

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    Re: Intel 910/915 Express Chipset

    I know this is an old thread but have not seen an answer to my question. Intel 915/910G. Can this graphic card be replaced? If no, can I add a new card and by pass this one? I am trying to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP and cannot afford a new computer at this time.

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