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Thread: no audio output device installed

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    no audio output device installed

    I have recently installed Vista Business on my Intel motherboard that comes with a SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC 6.10 version. I was working fine, but later on due to a power cut when i restarted my pc, i was getting an error message saying that "no audio output device installed". I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers but that doesnt seem to work. Need your guidance here.

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    I think that, microsoft has recently launched a newer version of the driver for the exact sound card that you have. And i did install it on my pc as well, but after its installation, the sound stopped working. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled the old drivers, but it didnt work either. So, in the end I tried the System Restore and got back to a time when the sound was working fine. This method really worked for me, and i hope that it will solve your issue as well.

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    If the above solution didnt work, the try to follow the below method to resolve this issue:
    1. First of all right click on "my computer" and then click on "properties" then click on Hardware Tab and then open Device Manager.
    2. After that you have to click on the “+” button which is listed next to Sound, video and game controllers and a drop down menu will appear.
    3. Here you have to check the status of any device that is listed in the same category by right-clicking on that device, clicking Properties, and then under the General tab check what it says under “Device status”. Let us know what the status was.
    4. If you found any problems especially for the device checked under the “Device status” then immediately click on update drivers on that same device by right-clicking and then clicking Update Driver Software.
    5. The driver will be found from your computer or either from the internet and will get installed in your pc.

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