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Thread: Resolution Reset on Startup

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    My brother has recently bought a new 3d monitor so he gave me his 1280x1024 monitor which i am using right now. I have installed Windows Vista on my pc and whenever I try to set this 1280x1024 resolution, it automatically adjusts it to 800x600. It seems to a be a unique kind of problem that is going around with this monitor as there are no solutions available on different boards that i have checked, can you all try to help me out?

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    This problem might be occuring due to old graphics driver, so i would like to recommend you to install the latest video driver in your machine and then check if the resolution problem gets fixed or not. Another possible solution that I did on my Compaq was to run msconfig and remove SETREFRESH.EXE that happens to start with Windows all along. This file was present in one of the compaq software folder and I dont know whether it comes preinstalled with the laptop or it gets installed via some updates. In any case, after removing it from startup, the resolution is now constant on any specific one I choose.

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    You may have installed some type of program that is changing the video settings or controller. If you remember the day you installed the program, then go to:
    Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore.

    Select a date prior to the installation of this program and restore the system. You will not lose any data, and the PC will be back to the condition like it was on that date but the installed program will stop working.

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    Re: Resolution Reset on Startup

    All i had to do was go into msconfig and change the startup from selective to normal. I know this does not tell you exactly what was causing it but it fixed my problem. I had the issue of resolution changing to 640x480 on every restart.

    To get into the configuration utility click Start -> click Run type msconfig in the box that appears and press enter. Then when the System Configuration Utility opens make sure you are on the general tab and click normal startup. Click Apply

    Hope this helps someone....
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    Re: Resolution Reset on Startup

    I realize this is an old thread, but as I have spent hours on this issue, I thought I'd post the problem and solution as I found it.

    I had a coworker brought me his home PC to repair it. After replacing the PSU and getting the PC operational, I noticed every time Windows restarted, the resolution would reset to 600*800 within 10 seconds of windows loading. I could change the resolution to any setting I wanted and it would hold until I reboot. Reboot and after windows loads, the screen would flash and the resolution would reset to the 600x800. I tried all the fixes I could find on forums and nothing worked.

    I tried creating a new user account on the PC with the same admin priviledges and never experienced the problem. It was isolated to the main/only user account the PC owner had setup. I asked him and his son if this has always been an issue and they said it had been resetting like that since they got the PC.

    After trying all the driver updates and various windows config settings, I still had no solution, but at least a starting point with the problem being isolated to one user account. I then began the painstaking task of disabling everything in the startup tab of MSCONFIG (Windows Start Bar -> type MSCONFIG into search bar and hit enter). I made a log of all items in the start tab and began to turn items on one bye one, rebooting after every individual change.

    It took a while to narrow down, but in my case the entry that was causing the resolution reset after every reboot was called "BELKINWCUI" (root file = Belkinwcui.exe). I disabled this startup value and the problem stopped. I re-enabled all startup values EXCEPT for this one BELKINWCUI and it's finally keeping my resolution.

    This is one of the forums I tried finding solutions from, so I thought my solution should be posted for anyone else that may be having this issue.


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    Resolution Reset on Startup SOLVED

    i know this seems to have been resolved for most people but let me just make this a little easier for those who are still lost. In my case it was the startup item "AT&T COMMUNICATION MANAGER" THAT WAS MAKING MY RESOLUTION RESET UPON STARTUP.

    1. go to "RUN" and type "msconfig" and click "OK"
    2. under the tab "BOOT.INI" make sure "base video" is unchecked.
    if this is already unchecked then it must be a startup item causing this problem.

    3. under the "startup" tab click on "Disable All" then click "OK"
    4. change the display resolution to what you want it to then log out of the user account and sign back in (you do not have to do a full restart just log out of user account)
    5. if the resolution does not reset anymore then you know it was one of those startup items you unchecked causing the problem.

    go back to msconfig and check one box at a time while repeating the relog to see which line item causes this problem for you so you can uninstall the program.

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