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Thread: USB Mass Storage Bluetooth driver for Vista

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    USB Mass Storage Bluetooth driver for Vista

    My V551 has a bluetooth. It does not has any software or pc suite. So the only way to transfer something from is via Bluetooth. I bought a small bluetooth dongle. I connected the same and Vista detected it. But it failed to install it. The bluetooth does not come with any kind of driver. So it is basically a kind of plug and play device.

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    Yes this kind of stuff has universal drivers. You do not need to locate any additional stuff. But it looks that Vista is not able to get right updates for your system. Go in Device Manager and uninstall the device one more time. Then reboot your system and see whether Vista is able to install it or not. The second option is download and install bluesoleil. This isa nice software that works with all kind of bluetooth software.

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    I am having this issue with 3 usb drives. They all are not working on Vista. While XP founds them automatically. The option to fix the problem is deleted infcache. Try to install and connect this devices in Admin account. Because if you do that in the limited account then this things might not work. You can try using Windows Update also. There are tons of drivers I got free through Windows Update.

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    Vista might be not having proper internal usb drivers. For devices like bluetooth if you download and install fresh drivers from web then that will be helpful. There are free codec packages, usb driver packages, etc that you can download and install. For each hardware I had seen Vista needs a different driver. This makes the device more buggy.

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