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Thread: Nvidia Geforce FX5200 using exessive RAM

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    Nvidia Geforce FX5200 using exessive RAM

    I found that the existing gpu in my system which is Nvidia GeForce FX2500 is consuming excessive ram. It is just a 128MB card, but some shares 256MB of the total 1GB RAM I had in my system. Is there a way by which I can reduce its share. I just want to keep the limit of minimum 128MB ram usage. That would be more than enough I think.

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    In my views it would be better if you sell of that card. You can get another one which is quiet better and higher. What I know about this is that, if there is a kind of AGP card in your system then it has minimum 256mb usage. It will not be able to work without it. Just go in the bios and check that you can find any relative information about this. I will not recommend to touch the existing settings unless you are completely aware about the same.

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