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Thread: How to fix Internal power error - stop 0x000000A0

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    How to fix Internal power error - stop 0x000000A0

    What are the solutions available for Internal Power Error -- Stop 0x000000A0. I am getting this on Windows Vista. I was using Windows XP Media Center 2005. After running upgrade I face a blue screen error and the system crashed. It was just a few minutes the system has worked properly. The bluescreen gives some 0x000000A0 error which I had mentioned above. I am looking for some answers how to deal with the same. What are the options available to fix this problem. Thanks.

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    I am too having the same issue. The error is exactly the same and I am getting that on Windows Vista. Blue screen are mainly caused due to hardware fault. I am quiet not sure that this is a kind of hardware problem. I searched on number of solutions and found solution that really worked. The issue cause due to hiberfil.sys. If this file is very limited or restricted then the system might crash. Sometime when that hiberfil.sys is not working fine you get the same kind of error. Boot in safe mode and then run cmd. And pass the following command - powercfg /hibernate /size 100. Hit enter.

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