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Thread: nVidia nForce Realtek audio SPDIF is not detected or working

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    nVidia nForce Realtek audio SPDIF is not detected or working

    I have recently bought a new Gigabyte nForce4 GA-K8NF-9 Motherboard that has a Realtek audio which is onboard. It used to work fine Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 but the problem started when I upgraded to Windows Vista. The issue is with the SPDIF which is not functioning properly as before. There is only 2 channel audio that i am getting via the regular audio jack. There is nothing i can do to turn on SPDIF jack after looking in the settings on the Speaker control panel. I have downloaded the new drivers from the Realtek website but am unable to install it on Vista. Any ideas?

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    I think that you should also download the updated drivers for the nForce drivers from Nvidia website. After that I got it for working by installing the latest RealTek drivers for the audio. Now, the other problem that i am facing is that the external hard drive that i was using is not getting detected on my system after installing the S/PDIF drivers.

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    I dont think that this issue is with the audio drivers or Vista opearting system. Even I was facing similar issues and after doing some research I found out that Power DVD that has some problem with multi-channel audio output via HDMI. So i had to upgrade this software to the latest version. In your case uninstalling would be also the second choice you can do. Hope that this helps.

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