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Thread: Using TV tuner Philips SAA7131 on Windows Vista

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    Using TV tuner Philips SAA7131 on Windows Vista

    I need drivers for Philips SAA7131 TV tuner card for Windows Vista Ultimate. I cannot find any driver for the same. It was working quiet fine on Windows XP, but due to some reason it has stopped working for Vista. Does anyone has a driver available for the same.

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    Did you tried locating the same on the official site. Phillips SAA7131 has number of variants and there are driver drivers for each of the same. I am sure there is no Vista driver available. Did you tested the XP driver, because somehow Vista supports backward compatibility. That means you can simply use XP drivers on Vista also and it works to some extent.

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    Yes you can test the 32bit drivers. Somehow Windows Update is quiet helpful in located rivers for number of hardware. There are less chances to locate the right drivers if the manufacturer officially does not provide any driver for Vista. There are less chances of using XP driver.

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