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Thread: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

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    nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    I have a Windows Vista operating system and recently my pc started crashing due to nvlddmkm.sys. It happens quite a few times when playing games or video editing. I have also installed the latest driver version for my graphics card but that did not solve anything. Is my only option left to reinstall Windows?

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    This is a graphics driver problem, and to solve this issue follow the below steps:

    Go into the NVIDIA folder that you can find at C:\NVIDIA
    Find a file named "nvlddmkm.sy_" at C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver "version number of the driver (eg 186.81)" InternationalDisplaynvlddmkm.sy_
    Copy the file from the C:\
    Then go to the system folder where driver information are stored => C:\Windows\System32\drivers
    In this same folder, locate the file "nvlddmkm.sys" which might be corrupted and rename it to "nvlddmkm.sys.old"
    Open the command prompt and type the following:
    1) "cd" and hit enter (you put the hard disk root => C :)
    2) "expand.exe nvlddmkm.sy_ nvlddmkm.sys" and hit enter

    "This command allows you to unzip the file" nvlddmkm.sy_ "that you placed in the root of C: and turn to create the new" nvlddmkm.sys ""

    Go to => C:\nvlddmkm.sys
    And replace it in the folder => C:\Windows\System32\drivers

    After that simply reboot the pc.

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    For those who still need help with this problem; here is a step-by-step solution for one suggestion that has already been posted on this thread that could potentially solve the problem.


    1: If you have a black screen, but your computer STILL turns on, you may be able to fix this problem. All you have to do is plug an external monitor into your laptop to get a display up. IF you connect an external monitor and that fails to work, you're probably out of luck (because your graphics card might really be dead) as you need a display to help you navigate through command prompt later on, or if you're feeling lucky, you can just blindly follow the instructions (assuming you're viewing this answer on another computer, go through the pictures I provide, IE pic of the System Recovery Options) then you still might be able to fix your computer without a monitor.

    2: Once you're able to get the display up and you're still getting the BSOD, try to get into command prompt when given a choice. However, if you're not given a choice to do so, press F8 before the splash screen comes up with the loading bar. This will bring up Advanced Boot Options, giving you the option to go to 3 different types of Safe Mode. It is advisable to go to Safe Mode with Command Prompt. IF however, you're not given the option to go into Safe Mode, DO NOT press F8 after a restart, instead wait for the System Recovery Options to appear- Example: <> I know how this goes, most of the options given here on the System Recovery Options will not work, as you WILL get BSOD. Choose Command Prompt.

    3: You'll now start off with some directory line in command prompt, something similar to this: C:\User\(Your Account). If for some reason, you're not on the C drive, type "cd\" without the quotes, press enter then type "c:". If you're already on the C drive, type cd\ anyway, you need to go through some other directories in the next step.

    4: Type "cd windows\system32\drivers" without the quotes, hit enter. Now type "dir /p" go through the list of drivers and look for nvlddmkm.sys (Notice: this is nvL not nvi), note the date to the left, keep in mind that you'll need a driver that is prior to this date (one that you know will work). Type "ren nvlddmkm.sys nvlddmkm.sys.old" this will put the current driver out of use and get you ready to inject and older version of the driver (one that will hopefully work).

    5: Type "cd\" you should now be back to "C:\>". Type "cd nvidia" then "dir". Now I've only fixed a Windows Vista using this method, so I'm not sure if this is the same case for Windows 7, but there should be another folder in C:\Nvidia. For Windows Vista, the folder is called winvista, type in "cd winvista" to access it (now your directory should be C:\Nvidia\winvista>). Type "dir /p" again to view the files in this folder, you should see many files with just numbers (IE 1**.**, the * symbolizing the version number for the driver, so it could be 100.65 or 179.48 etc., depend on what you have). Look to the left at the date, find one that has a date prior to the date listed on the nvlddmkm.sys file in the windows\system32\drivers folder. Once you have chosen which file you want to use, lets say for example 179.48, type "cd 179.48" (you should now be in C:\Nvidia\winvista\179.48).

    6: Type "expand nvlddmkm.sy_ c:\windows\system32\drivers\nvlddmkm.sys". This will install the version of the driver you've chosen. Your computer may reset automatically.

    Congratulations, you've made it this far. You're now able to get to the log in screen, if you have set up any accounts for your laptop. It is advisable that you get an external drive and move important/personal files onto there before you attempt to use your laptop on a full time basis. There have been some reports that the problem came back about 49 hours later.

    Comments: As of now, 179.48 works, the update after that is what seems to kill my friend's computer.


    After using the above method to access the graphical interface of Windows, click Start, go to Control Panel, then get to Device Manager. You will probably see that your graphics card has a big yellow ! next to it in Display Adapters. Right click the device, click the Driver tab and try to choose Roll Back Driver. This will most likely fix your card and return it to it's original factory state (way before the crash).
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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    Hi, i just registered because i managed to find the source of the error for me. I have a M570TU Clevo Notebook with QX9300 CPU and GTX 280m Graphicscard. Its a high-power notebook and i wondered what the error could come from, since i used to notice when i newly got it, that it has a very good cooling system. After trying many things including the registry edit and multiple driver changes, power reduction, and what else i could find a hint on, i opened up my notebook. I saw a little dust on the heatpipes and heatsinks. Since you can use a vacuum cleaner on that, i tried that. BUT, and this is where the problem really lay, you cannot get the thick dust inbetween the copper grids! So i unscrewed the ventilation units and used a toothbrush to clean out those grids. You wouldnt know how much dust had settled there and would only come loose by using a brush. Put everything back together and heres what happened:

    - before "cleaning out": about 60C idle / 99-102C while playing intensive games; getting the nvldmmkm.sys restarting error.

    - after "cleaning out": about 45C idle / max 83C while playing the same intensive games; NO FURTHER ERRORS OCCURED!

    So, for me it was clearly the error due to heat problems although i at first couldnt think of that since this system has a superior cooling concept.

    Hope this helps some of you, especially with the notebooks ;-)

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    Possible Solution: Power Problem

    I recently had new ISP and VOIP installed at home. The technician moved around some of my plugs. Ever since then, I have been having the dreaded NVLDDMKM.SYS BSOD. I have been trying everything posted all over the place. I even bought a new video card. I just tried replacing the power supply cord (which was about 8 years old and has been moved about hundred dozen times) and moved it directly to a wall plug (not a strip). That allowed me to get further than I have been in a long time. I was actually able to run some stress tests and play a video game. I still got the BSOD after about 10 minutes. But, the power thing was definitely something that helped the situation.

    So, I have concluded that, for me, this is POWER PROBLEM.

    I guess that maybe it could be my PSU. (Ultra 1000W - I know, not the greatest, but I live about 4 miles from TirgerDirect/CompUSA.) I am going to look into replacing that PSU this weekend. Was also thinking of adding a UPS with the hopes that it might help will power conditioning.

    I hope that helps some people. For those of you on laptops, you may want to check your power supply. Are you using an aftermarket one? Is it plugged into a strip with a dozen other devices?
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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    Ignore that power thing. I thought that was the problem, but it wasn't. I replaced the power supply and I am still having issues.

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    Yeah... I fixed it. After doing the whole driver thing, replacing video card (twice), new power supply, RAM, reinstalling OS, and spending hours... days... just messing with it... I finally determined it was my motherboard.

    New motherboard, same chipset (but different manufacturer - only because my model was out of stock), and it works fine.

    The tech at the local computer store thought that the issue was a problem with the Northbridge. I can't confirm that. But, I do have a happy PC now.

    Good luck to you all.

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    I found what was causing *my* blue screen
    I only got this error after a cold boot

    Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed
    Technical Info.
    *** STOP: 0x0000016 ......
    ** nvlddmkm.sys

    Fix / Solution
    It was my Realtek Audio driver software Vista_Win7_R252

    I uninstalled the package and let windows install its own driver.
    Before doing that I had tried different display drivers thinking they were the cause but it was actually the Realtek Audio for me.

    My specs:
    Asus P5NE-SLI
    North Bridge nVIDIA nForce 650i SLI (c55)
    South Bridge nVIDIA nForce 430i (MCP51)
    Intel Q6600
    2x2GB DDR2
    Windows Server 2008 sp2 64 bit

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    *** Solved 100% ***

    hi guys.. i'm using the same nVidia 8600M GS and had the same issue.
    i'm using windows 7 x64.

    here are the steps to resolve this issue.
    1. download the latest version of drivers from
    3. restart your computer in safe mode.
    4. install the driver.
    5. after completing the installation, restart the computer in SAFE MODE again and log in.
    6. now restart your computer in normal mode. DONE..
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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    i get a blue screen whenever i try to start my pc becouse of nvlddmkm.sys
    but... i can start my pc in safemod, so i cant get any where from here -.-
    help pls :L

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    o and i use NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT graphics card with Windows Vista 32 bit OS
    hope this helps :)

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    The problem of nvdlddmkm is known but apparently nobody really knows how to explain it. First thing you have to do that you must verify proper insertion of the card into the slot and tighten the screws. The card should not be loose. For the rest you have to disable the old drivers and installed the latest Nvidia driver. The file is located in C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers, renames nvlddmkm.sys in nvlddmkm.sys.old. You have to replace this file.

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    The only true ways of knowing are:

    1. Testing the card in another computer.
    2. Remove the old and buy a new card... some are around $25

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    i've tried everything thats been posted about nvlddmkm.sys but nothing is working. i have the latest nvidia driver for sparkle geforce 8400gs 275.33
    i am running
    Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.vistasp2_gdr.101014-0432)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: System manufacturer
    System Model: System Product Name
    BIOS: BIOS Date: 08/23/10 14:48:45 Ver: 08.00.14
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 4850B (2 CPUs), ~2.5GHz
    Memory: 2046MB RAM
    Page File: 928MB used, 3406MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    DxDiag Version: 7.00.6002.18107 32bit Unicode
    if there is anyway i can fix this even for low cost cuz i can't afford much due to being on fixed income. the bsod happens whenever i watch movies or videos online like a movie site or youtube. any help is much appreciated

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    Re: nVidia BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    I would like to suggest you the following steps to solve your issue. to do this go through the below steps:
    • First installed the latest NVIDIA Driver.
    • Now once you done installing and after that uninstall the previous version of Driver and after that restart your system.
    • Now once you done all this and after that disable the Nvidia on startup ( to do this type msconfig on the run application and after that go to the startup tab and under that make uncheck mark on the Nvidia option)
    • Now make click on the start and under that go to the run. On run type: Services.msc and after that hit the ok button. Now under that locate to the Nvidia Display Driver service and after that stop this service and disable it by right clicking on that.
    • Now once you done all this and after that go through your issue.

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