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Thread: Drivers for Samsung Camcorder for Windows XP

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    Drivers for Samsung Camcorder for Windows XP

    I am not able to find a proper working driver for DV Camcorder for Samsung VP D964W. When I connect the same it is detected as plug and play device. But the driver is not installed. It showed me error that the hardware is not properly and will not work. I do not have any driver disc. I thought this would be a kind of plug and play device that offer me to install drivers and will be detected as a removable drive.

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    Try to run Windows Update. There are chances to get the drivers. If you know th manual way of installation, then it will detect the drivers automatically. It is also notice that the camera does not work with all type of cable. It needs specific Samsung cable to work properly. I am not able to use this on Vista. It is detected but Vista is not able to locate proper drivers.

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