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Thread: Sidewinder Strategic Commander problems

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    Sidewinder Strategic Commander problems

    I am facing problems with the Sidewinder Strategic Commander controller on my Windows Vista machine. When ever I am trying to install the program, the installer closes at the completetion of the installation. After that I am getting option to either close the program or check online for solution and when clicked on the online solution, it doesnt give any results. Prior to this problem I was able to install the CD where it normally checks the connection of the device to the usb but everytime it refused to recognize it. Can anyone please tell me how do i deal with this problem? Thanks for any efforts.

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    Follow the below method to fix this issue:
    1. First login to your admin account and turn off UAC.
    2. After that put the controller's disk in the dvd drive and then run the setup.exe.
    3. The installation will begin, just follow the instructions of selecting region and accpeting agreement and keep the default location.
    4. At one point you will view that the progress bar will zip through installing the program files and then the profiles, here it will ask you to exit the install, simply click on yes.
    5. Now, before pluggin in the controller, open device manager and find out the Human Interface Device and click on its plus sign.
    6. Now, plug the controller and under the HID heading you will get 2 new devices listed, which is HID-compliant device and Usb human interface device, even though you may or may not get a message about drivers getting installed.
    7. You have to right click on HID-compliant device and check the option to update its driver.
    8. After that click on the option to browse my computer for driver software and pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
    9. You will get a choice in the next windows of HID- compliant device or Microsoft SideWinder Strategic Commander HID drivers, simply click on next to install the driver.
    10. Windows will let you know that the drivers has successfully updated and you will have two new devices under HID.
    11. Again, repeat the same driver update procedure for Usb human interface device and after it is installed you will have to restart your computer and after that your Sidewinder Strategic Commander will work fine.

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    I have a workaround for this issue for Windows Vista 64 bit operating system. What i did was, I first connected the device in my computer and even though it installed but it was not working. Then when i went into device manager, i checked that there was one device which was not recognized, so I right clicked on it and choose to update drivers. I took the option to look for the driver on the internet and it found something with a term called "ATK0110 ACPI Utility", which i installed in my system. Then i installed some bodyprint software called StrategicSetupv1.3.exe (google and download it) which was recommended on most of the sites. After this, the controller started to work without any issues.

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