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Thread: Vista is unable to find drivers for installing Daemon Tools

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    Vista is unable to find drivers for installing Daemon Tools

    I am not able to install Daemon Tools on Windows Vista. I am using the business edition of Vista. First when I ran the setup, it looked for some drivers. It was then detected and showed me the setup was fine. Later on I tried to use my usb which remained undetected. I am not sure whether daemon tool is causing this problem. I hope there will be some way by which I can figure out a working solution for the same.

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    Upgrade your chipset drivers if it is a kind of new installation. You must ensure that all driver must be installed in device manager and there must not be any kind of unknown device detected. Daemon tools add a virtual cd rom driver in your system. Check the edition that whether it works for Windows Vista or not. If you took a much older or outdated version then it is going to cause more problem. Thanks.

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    I am having the same problem guys, I never had the issue with installing devices on my dual boot trial of Vista I ran on my D Drive, all device drivers i.e usb hard drives, portable storage, HID Keyboards and mice all installed straight away. However not I have upgrade my XP on my C drive I'm suffering the same problems as you guys - these same devices are detected but the indows Wizard report it needs drivers and can not find them locally, admittedly I am not sure if I have pointed in specifically to look in the windows folder, I know no drivers are found when I search "C:/" however if I seach "D:/" where my trial vista installation still exists it finds all the drivers/software from there!

    There seems to be a lot of this problems on Microsofts official webpage community forums - many people typicall trying to install pen drive's/USB sticks and external drivers which in XP met know problems. There seems to be no official fix, except for changing the registry which I have not yet tried. Could someone confirm if the registry change works as a permanent fix, and could someone detial how to change or paste some text so ic ould make a *.reg file.



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