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Thread: No Audio Device after Computer Resumes from Sleep State

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    No Audio Device after Computer Resumes from Sleep State

    When I resume my system from sleep mode the audio does not work. There is no audio device located in Device Manager. I had faced this issue a number of time. The system that I am using has Gigabyte 965P-DS3 motherboard. The audio codec which is used in it is Realtek ALC888 HD codec chip. It is a new system and I had just recently installed Windows Vista on the same. The drivers that I am using on it is from the official website. The sound device is just disappeared. To find out whether there is some hardware problem I installed XP on a second partition. It is working quiet fine on that.

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    It looks some kind of broken audio in your system. The driver that you are trying to use it not able to load back when the system resumes from sleep mode. This is not a hardware, but a software issue. Get some new drivers and I will recommend you not to use sleep mode. Because the drivers does not looks to be working well on the same. Keep XP working as it is.

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    I am also having Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard and I ran into the same issue. I had updated the drivers and also the bios. Unfortunately I am not having any XP edition with me. I started with removing the older drivers. I un-installed the existing audio device and put the system on sleep mode. When I wake it back it started installing the audio driver. Vista added the audio automatically. Now on reboot things went fine. Now the system audio works when the system is back from sleep mode. It looks Vista does not work with all drivers. There are only some internal which really works.

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    Get some new Windows Update. That will help you to deal with the issue. I face the same problem some months ago. I was not able to get sound when the system wake up from sleep mode. I checked Gigabyte website where I found that there is no relative audio driver listed for the audio device. You need a updated edition of Realtek drivers. Because old drivers will have this kind of common problems. Go the Gigabyte website and get some updated chipset drivers also. That is the only way your system can work properly.

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    This problem looks due to audio service which fails to start when you resume your system from sleep mode. It is one of the most common issue that is faced in many Vista system. You can restart that service from Services.msc and then check whether on resuming from sleep mode it is working or not. If still not then working with Windows XP will be a much better alternative for you.

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