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Thread: LifeCam application crashes on Vista RTM

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    LifeCam application crashes on Vista RTM

    I have a Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 and i am trying to install the new windows vista drivers from the manufacturer's website. The driver installation goes properly and also the camera is able to work without any issues when i am trying to use it with any messenger applications. But as soon as I try to launch the program by clicking on the lifecam.exe file, it emits an error message that says "LifeCam.exe has stopped working". I have tried removing and reinstalling the drivers many times, but everytime it gives the same error when i try to launch it. So, can anyone suggest me how do i deal with this situation. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: LifeCam application crashes on Vista RTM

    You can try to download the Microsoft LifeCam software from here - I have it installed on my pc and it is working fine under Windows Vista operating system. But one thing that i noticed is that the quality of the utilities and the picture are poor and very low as compared to the Logitech Webcam Orbit that i have also got. Also, just make sure that you have installed the latest version of the drivers for the audio and video in your computer, to get a proper support.

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    Even I was facing this same issue on my computer but when i installed the Windows Vista Update KB925528, the problem seems to be gone, download it from here - This update replaces update 929734 and updates the USB support in your machine. After downloading and installing this update, you will need to restart the pc and then try to use the webcam, it will work fine.

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    I have founf some information about why this problem occurs. Actually, if anyone has Nero installed in their system then they just need to uninstall it, and the issue will be resolved. After that download the latest version of Nero and install it and incase if the problem returns then remove it completely from the pc and wait for a stable version of nero to be available. One of my friend installed the latest release for the Nero 7 Ultra Edition and the lifecam crashing problem was immediately fixed which was caused by a Windows Host Process - rundll32.

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    I have also bought a new Lifecam VX-1000 which I have installed perfectly on Windows Vista. I am able to use the webcam with Yahoo messenger but when ever I try to launch the lifecam program, it immediately crashes. I was having Nero 6 version installed in my pc and when i try to remove it, its uninstaller it not removing all the files and therefore the lifecam issue still is happening. Can anyone tell me why this nero is causing conflicts with the webcam, because i believe there might be other applications as well that could be conflicting with the lifecam.

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