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Thread: AMD Cool and Quiet drivers for Windows Vista 32bit

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    AMD Cool and Quiet drivers for Windows Vista 32bit

    I am looking for AMD Cool and Quiet drivers for Windows Vista. I am having a board which support this and I found the feature in the manual. I am trying to run the dashboard software of AMD which provides information on the cpu voltage and other important details. I need help to run this properly on Vista. It works on XP, but in Vista I think it needs a more compatible drivers. Or else it will be worthless to use.

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    Did you checked the official website for the same. There would be a compatible driver provided. If you have that board then mostly the driver will be included. And I am sure AMD is using a common drivers for it. It is a motherboard features which does comes in all AMD boards. So if your board supports it then you need to go the website to find a compatible drivers or else it will not work.

    AMD Cool n Quiet Installation Guide

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    Yes it depends on the motherboard driver. There is no additional support provided. What is the model of your motherboard. It can help you get the right edition of Windows Vista drivers. The official site has many compatible drivers and it is recommended to use those only. If you can provide the motherboard model here then I can help you to locate the original drivers.

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    Instead of dealing with the manual download you can try using a automatic utility which can detect and download the right drivers for you. Just download the small utility below. It is some 774kb file. Run the setup and it will locate the appropriate drivers on its own.

    AMD Driver Autodetect

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