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Thread: Windows Vista driver folder?

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    Windows Vista driver folder?

    I have recently installed Windows Vista cleanly on my pc. Upon that the sound driver and the ethernet driver was not able to load. So i pointed it to the previous Vista install directory which was RC1 and then the driver was getting installed properly. But now, I want to wipe that parition where this RC1 version is installed and therefore I needed some information like which folder should i keep from that Vista version that might have the drivers? Does anyone know about it?

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    Re: Windows Vista driver folder?

    The driver files might be already put by Vista in the current Windows folder or sub-folders and hence you may not require anything from the previous operating system installation. Normally, all files and folders are also backed up in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository, so you would be able to have a glance on same if you want to. Hope that this helps you out.
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    Actually I want to keep those files in a safe place and therefore in need them all. The reason why I want this files is because when I did the clean Vista installation then the sound driver and ethernet driver were not loading at all, but to get this 2 things to be installed on my machine I had to use the "Have Disk" option and point them to the drive that had the old installation. So you see why I need those files now?

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