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Thread: Logitech Quickcam's installation fails (MSN, V-UAS14)

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    Logitech Quickcam's installation fails (MSN, V-UAS14)

    When I plug my Logitech QuickCam (V-UAS14) to my USB Port, windows keep on searching for the drivers. After the download it keep on trying to install driver. Installation will fail at the begin.
    Even I receive a error message is Logitech USB Camera "The System cannot find the file specified".
    Can you please how I can use my camera ? Do you have any solution to rectify this problem. Any help ll be appreciated.

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    Re: Logitech Quickcam's installation fails (MSN, V-UAS14)

    Did you tried directing Vista to search Logitech Installation disk? I would recommend do not install the main software, just plug your camera, and when vista prompts for the drivers, search the logitech cd. The same I installed my logitech camera without any problem and its working fine with out any issue.

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