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Thread: Subject: Looking for driver - nx9420 (HPQ0004 & HPQ0006)

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    Subject: Looking for driver - nx9420 (HPQ0004 & HPQ0006)

    I have currently running Vista RC2 5744 and thinking that whether anyone has managed to install drivers for HPQ0004 and HPQ006? I think they are basically for HP Quick launch button and HP Mobile Data Protection System. Can you please correct if me If I am wrong somewhere ?

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    RE: Subject: Looking for driver - nx9420 (HPQ0004 & HPQ0006)

    I have downloaded XP Drivers, installation failed but after it failed windows vista offered to run it again with the correct setting for windows vista. After a reboot my quickplay buttons and remote work except I do get a message asking me whether I am sure that I want to open or run QuickPlay programs which I start my machine.
    I think as of now this is the only solution until HP releases drivers in the coming months.
    For Touchpad drivers, there is ALPS drivers beta that toshiba released which works great.

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