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Thread: Promise Fast Track 376/378 Raid Driver Problem installing Vista B2

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    Promise Fast Track 376/378 Raid Driver Problem installing Vista B2

    I have a NForce2 motherboard and it has a Promise FastTrack 376/378 Sata Raid controller onboard. I am using 2 Raptor hard drive which is running on Raid 0 and the driver that I have got with the motherboard doesnt support Windows Vista beta 2 installation. I have already researched abit about this problem and it seems that I am not alone, since many people are facing this problem. Is there anyone who has find a solution for same. Thanks

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    Did you try to use the Windows 2003 drivers because MSI manufacturer's have these drivers on their site i think so. At the time of installation you will come accross a window where you have to select the disk to install, and here if your drivers do not show up then press Shift-F10 and it will open a command line box. Just search for the place where you have kept the windows 2003 drivers for the controller and then type: drvload UlSata.inf. After that it will confirm that the driver is loaded and then close the dos box and click the refresh button on the "select hard drive window". It will now show up properly.

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    Re: Promise Fast Track 376/378 Raid Driver Problem installing Vista B2

    Even I was facing same issue with my Promise Fast Track 376/378 on a MSI nForce2 mother board. But I later on fixed it with the below suggestions:

    • First of all create a new floppy disk.
    • After that you have to copy the files from the old to the new.
    • Now only with one exception you have to take the files out of the XP folder.

    There will be many different folders like NT and Windows 2000 but here yo have to use the XP folder and it will work for you. It seems to me that Vista hates to search into the folders.

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    I also copied the content of the WinXP folder of the Promise driver disk that came with the motherboard that I have which is onto the the root directory of another floppy. After that when I inserted the same floppy and clicked on "Find Driver", the installation begin and the drivers were installed properly and now I was finally able to see the drive.

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