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    I have a Ati X1900XTX graphics card and I am using Windows Vista on my computer. I have a problem with the ATIKMDAG.SYS (ATI Radeon Kernel mode driver) on my system. I am also using an Asus motherboard and have installed the latest driver for each hardware peripherals. Does anybody know what does the error mean?

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    I checked that many peope have this kind of similar problem with the atikmdag. I am also not able to control the thermal compound on the video card that i am using with the Catalyst 7.4 version of the driver. I have installed some Ati tools to configure some settings in my pc but after that my system crashed, so i uninstalled the same. If i dont install the Ati driver, then everything works fine. However, without the driver I dont get any aero, 3d acceleration and glass effect to work. Is there any kind of patch for this problem which will fix the issue permanently?

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    I think that people who have installed the “Catalyst Control Center” software package should make some changes by selecting the preference menu tab and then resetting the adapter to the Factory Defaults before uninstall the Catalyst Control Center or the drivers. It is necessary incase if anyone wants to do some testing with their system. If you dont do this then you will face the same issue after installing another driver, whether it is new or old.

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    I was able to fix this atikmdag error on my Asus laptop by removing all the ATI Catalyst Control Center that removes the atikmdag command all together. I uninstalled it by using the Add and Remove program features in Windows. All you need to do is just remove the ATI 'install manager' application and follow the prompts that will say you to uninstall the ATI software. This wont effect the driver and more details can be found on the Ati website on uninstalling the software. I was gettin many freezing issues with the atikmdag error and blue screen errors as well when this CCC was installed. But after removing this eveyrthing is working smoothly and the graphics on my laptop hasnt been changed a bit as well. Hope that this helps.

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