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Thread: webcam of Vaio VGP-VCC6 wont work on Vista 64 bit

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    webcam of Vaio VGP-VCC6 wont work on Vista 64 bit

    I have recently purchased a Sony vaio laptop model number VGP-VCC6. When I bought this laptop I got it with windows 7. After one month I decided to install the vista home premium 64 bits. After installing it I left my laptop for update, it installed all the drivers from the internet. Then after updating I found out that some of the drivers were still not installed since when I tried to use my webcam with the live messenger then I was not able to connect and watch video. I am afraid whether there is a working driver for this VGP-VCC6 webcam on Vista 64 bit or not, please help.

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    re: webcam of Vaio VGP-VCC6 wont work on Vista 64 bit

    First of all i would suggest you to install driver for your webcam from the cd/dvd provided with the laptop and see if it works. If that doesnt work then you can simply go to the official website of sony from where you can download the webcam driver easily, here is the link - I hope this will help you.

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    re: webcam of Vaio VGP-VCC6 wont work on Vista 64 bit

    I have a solution for it. I would suggest you please download the RIDCAM-14074500-US.exe file from the Sony support site. After downloading it just extract the file with the help of winrar software on your desktop. If you will install from device manager then it might show you error message for file missing. So what you need to do is create a folder called "English" and then move all the files that you have extracted into it. Finally go to device manager and choose the path of this folder and install the drivers from there. This will work gradually without any issues for you.

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