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Thread: 'Windows cannot read the disc...'

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    'Windows cannot read the disc...'

    Hi guys,

    I'd greatly appreciate some help with this problem. Apologies if I don't know all the jargon, but I'll try to explain my problem as fully as I can.

    I have a pc running Vista with one cd/dvd disc drive, drive (D:). I've had it for 3 years now without any issues with hardware. I've burnt multiple dvd's in that time. Since about a week ago it's stopped reading blank dvd's (I haven't tried blank cd's) but still reads software, video, and previously burnt dvd's. I've tried at least 5 different blank dvd's, and each time the result is the same: the drive makes a few 'reading' noises, then stops after about 15 seconds. On 'Computer', if I double-click on drive (D:), it says...

    Windows cannot read the disc in Drive D:\
    make sure the disc uses a format that Windows recognizes. If the disc is unformatted, you need to format it before using it.

    In the past if I inserted a blank dvd, vista would automatically create a pop-up window offering me formatting choices. Now even right-clicking on the drive doesn't bring up that option.

    A few things...
    * I seem to remember drive (D:) showing up as a DVD drive until this problem, and now it shows up as a cd drive, disc in or out. I could be mistaken!
    * I followed advice from a previous thread which recommended deleting 'upper filters' and 'lower filters' from HK settings. I deleted 'upper filters', but 'lower filters' weren't present.
    * I recently installed Advanced System Care 4, and I'd rather not delete it, but if any of you think this may be the cause of my problem I'll happily zap it!

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: 'Windows cannot read the disc...'

    As you are using Windows Vista, an autoplay is displayed evern if you have inserted a blank CD and surprsingly the options will contain format option also. if you are using Gigabyte motherboard then this is the possible problem with your system.

    The Problem:
    The drivers that JMicron provided to Gigabyte has some relation will support for PATA drives. Ther clarified it to be a SCSI device driver but unfortunately they did not re-write if completely for PATA. So this forces your device driver to inform Windows that the particular device is actually a SCSI device, thus providing wrong data to Vista. because of this, your Os fails to correctly identify that you are providing a valid CD/DVD PATA device.


    • You can solve this issue by doing the following:
    • Go to Control panel > Device Manager > Storage Controllers > Gigabyte Controller (double click) > Roll Back Driver
    • If asked for any confirmation, agree it by clicking on yes option.
    • This will remove the gigabyte controller and if you check your DVD/CD-Rom drive then it will be shown as ATA device and not the original SCSI. Problem solved!!

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    Re: 'Windows cannot read the disc...'

    3 years is a very long time and it could be possible that the dvd drive might have become useless. Actually, the lens of the cd/dvd drive gets dusted or either fails to perform its some or the other functions, such as not burning disc although still reading the dvd's, which surely seems to be your case. You could try cleaning the lens of your dvd drive with some solutions such as the Scotch Laser Lens Cleaner for CD and DVD Players or something similar. If this solution works for you then it is good, but if doesnt then consider purchasing a new dvd writer for yourself.

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