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Thread: Mass Storage Controller Driver

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    Mass Storage Controller Driver

    I have recently bought a new Sony Vaio VGN-FS980 model laptop which is running on Windows Vista operating system. I have successfully installed all the drivers in this laptop, but there is this one driver for the mass storage controller that I couldnt find anywhere. When I checked in Device Manager then there was yellow exclamation mark next to the Mass Storage Controller and Unknown Device. Please help me to find the drivers for this devices. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Mass Storage Controller Driver

    I think that all you need is a motherboard's chipset driver and most probably some different drivers that are related to Raid controller driver or something. All you need to do is simply visit the Sony website and then search for the specific driver version for the Sony laptop model that you have. Additionally, if there are any third party controller installed on this laptop like for example different USB controller or Raid Controller or Firewire, then you will have to download the drivers from their official manufacturer's website.

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    Re: Mass Storage Controller Driver

    When I checked the technical specifications of your laptop model then I found out that it has an Intel 915GM chipset. So, you can easily get the drivers from the intel official site. As a refrence, you need to download the INFINST_AUTOL.EXE file. Just install this software package and after installation all other devices linked with the chipset of the motherboard in your laptop will be enumerated after a system restart. Hope that this helps you out.

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    If that doesnt work then you can simple download a tool called Driver Finder software which will perform a thorough scan of your PC and all connected devices (including those off, as your MP3 player, webcam, USB devices, etc..) and after that it will again perform a search in various website database of millions of drivers and locate the latest official drivers matching the make and model of your laptop and the Windows operating system.

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