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Thread: Windows Vista Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver

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    Windows Vista Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver

    I have a HP Pavilion tx1250ea Notebook and I have recently installed Windows Vista on it with Service Pack 1. After the installation was finished I started getting an error message that says the driver for Bluetooth Peripheral Device is missing. And if i try to install the latest driver then it will not install at all. I also cannot connect to my desktop pc via the internet connection and am thinking that if these 2 problems are related to each other with the network adapter driver? When i check in the error dialog box, it says that the problem is caused by the network adapter. I have tried to download the latest driver from the HP website but that didnt work as well. The hardware id that is show is as follows - BTHENUM\{db1d8f12-95f3-402c-9b97-bc504c9a55c4}_LOCALMFG&000f

    Is there anyone who can help me out please. Thanks

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    Re: Windows Vista Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver

    I would recommend you to first go to the HP Driver's and Downloads web page to search for updated device driver software from here. After that select Windows Vista in the given list of choice and then download the drivers for it. If that doesnt work then try to uninstall and reinstall default device drivers

    1. Close all programs, and click Start , right-click Computer , select Properties .
    2. In the System pane, click Device Manager to open the Device Manager window. If prompted for permission, click Continue .
    3. Alternately, click Start , type Device in the search field, and select Device Manager when it appears in the program list to open the Device Manager window.
    4. Click the plus sign (+) next to the type of driver you wish to uninstall and reinstall, unless the minus sign (-) is already showing.
    5. Highlight each of the listed drivers, one at a time, and press the Delete key. When prompted, confirm that you wish to delete these drivers. Do not restart the PC.
    6. After the drivers are deleted, click Action > Scan for hardware changes . Windows Vista will scan your system for hardware and reinstall any missing default device drivers.

    More information is given here.

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