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Thread: Enhanced Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

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    Enhanced Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

    I have recently bought a new HP Pavilion laptop which is running on Windows Vista. I was playing with the keyboard shortcuts yesterday and they seems to be working fine without any issues. This morning when i started my computer and tested some keys, then most of the keys on the keyboard were not responding? There are these left side keys such as the Sleep button, club hp, www, email, search, etc which dont work. When i asked HP about same then they told to reinstall drivers but I dont know how to do that. So, perhaps a simple method if anyone knows, can share with me here. Thanks

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    Well, it is very easy to reload the drivers, simply go to hp website and then download the proper keyboard drivers for your computer model. After downloading, you just have to double click on the executable file which will start the installation of the driver for the keyboard. After reinstalling, just restart your computer and then everything should work properly.

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    Re: Enhanced Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

    It seems to me that you might have disabled the multimedia keyboard software by mistake. Normally, there is a multimedia software that supports all the additional shortcut keys that you use and then driver is used for supporting the basic keyboard functions. So you can either try to enable it from the startup option or do a reinstall of the driver that you can download from HP website. For going into startup option click on start and then in the search bar type msconfig. After that check in the startup tab whether it is disabled, if yes then simply enable it again. Hope that this helps.

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    Is there anyone who can let me know how to reprogram the buttons on this keyboard. I want to change the keyboard shortcut for email defaults to Microsoft Outlook which is now currently assigned for Windows Mail. I can go in Control Panel and then in Hardware and Sound and then in Keyboard settings I get the tab to make changes for the buttons but i am unable to find the address info for ms outlook. Can anyone please help me out.

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