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Thread: Mass Storage Controller

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    Mass Storage Controller

    I have a laptop with me which is having some kind of issues. I was previously using a 32 bit version of Windows Vista on it but I have now upgraded it to 64 bit Vista. I have downloaded and installed all the required drivers but there is some issues with the mass storage controller for which I am not able to find any drivers on the net. Below is the information for the same controller:

    Device discription :
    Mass Storage Controller

    Hardware ids:

    compatible id:

    Hoping that someone has some answers for this issue.

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    As per the PCI subsystem vendorID that you have listed you need to go to the O2Micro's official website and search for the drivers for the mass storage controller that you have. You wont be able to install from the Microsoft Update catalog because they only have the 32 bit version of the driver. So try either O2Micro or the Micro-Stars website, which i am guessing has purchased the O2Micro website for the drivers. Hope this helps.

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