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Thread: Toshiba M305D-S4830 DVD drive disappears

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    Toshiba M305D-S4830 DVD drive disappears

    I have recently purchased a brand new Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4830 laptop that is running on Windows Vista. Now the problem with this laptop is that its dvd drive keeps disappearing. Even, when it will work, and then i will try to open up device manager and after a refresh it will again disappear? There is no error message given and it is unable to eject as well when the drive is gone? After a restart the dvd drive comes back again but not for a long time. Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks.

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    Well, if the dvd drive cant be ejected by using the button then I am afraid that it could be a hardware problem like for example loose connection of cable or defective dvd drive. For the software troubleshooting, you can try to uninstall the driver from the device manager and then after a restart let Vista search for a compatible driver for the drive and let it install automatically. Also, have you tried login into safe mode and then checked if the problem persists over there. Another final thing that you can do is, download and update the driver latest BIOS of your Toshiba motherboard from here -

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