Between Call of Duty 4, Crysis or Halo 3, break into the world of FPS now seems complicated. THQ has been entrusted with this delicate mission to New York developer Kaos Studios. For reference, this studio contains former members who worked on the series of Battlefield, in particular via the mod Desert Combat. No wonder at the sight of the concept and its orientation clearly multiplayer. Front lines: Fuel Of War Will he succeed to pave a path between enemy lines? Answer through this VideoTest.

Frontlines: Fuel Of War immerses the player in the heart of a third world war.An energy crisis erupts, causing a global depression.In this context heated, two new alliances are formed: the Western Coalition (USA / Europe) and Red Star (Russia / China).If the pitch is not original, the plot is fairly well scenaristique climb to keep us in suspense during the adventure.It contains 7 campaigns with a total of 35 missions. Overall, construction mission is different from what one can find in other FPS.Frontlines is based on a process of deployment; systematically with the aim of capturing the different areas marked by a dot on the map.Simpliste?Yes and no.

The very concept of the game is clearly designed for the multiplayer, in these difficult conditions to obtain a truly balanced gameplay for the player alone.However, the system works quite well. To avoid all that is too repetitive, Frontlines includes maps fairly broad, they provide in any case many offensive opportunities.A level-quality design, which allows good situations, with the same time a certain strategic dimension in the clashes. In addition, a dozen enemies tumble, which afford good moments of nervousness.Even if sometimes attacking front with his team remains the best solution is better in most cases to study the environments around.Unfortunately, we regret that the sets are not fully destructible. Mismanagement of the damage, or rather random, which is also reflected on the enemies.As often happens, some opponents resist sometimes several headshots while others fall into a single bullet in the stomach.

Technically speaking, Frontlines seems to happen after the war. In 2008, difficult to be content with medium textures and environments sometimes botched.The most glaring failure is still the effect of fog. And for the coup, impossible to assimilate it to the haze ...Finally, given the size of cards, the realization takes overall road.To address this lack of visual identity, Frontlines has gambled his potential on several ideas malignant, but not new.The most important being the presence of vehicles. In all, the game contains 14 different means of transport, armoured tank via helicopter or fighter aircraft.The cards are also widely studied for their use at full throttle.A good integration that necessarily affects the whole gameplay.Nevertheless, it is a pity that some gear as the aircraft are not present in the solo campaign! The other new top-trend and really nice is none other than the presence of ... These small robots remotely provide a substantial presence during the parties.They are used to destroy tanks or discreetly in order to explode in a turret.The panel devices available is wide enough, with possibilities smart, especially to surprise his opponent.Again, Kaos Studios has clearly focused on parties online.

Before entering the arena, players will have to choose between the Coalition and the Red Star Alliance.Naturally, the two alliances have distinct characteristics at the level of armaments.Regarding the operation, Front lines very clearly akin to Battlefield. A well-functioning system that still fly.To add "excitement" to all this, Kaos Studios had the good idea to insert 6 classes: heavy Assault, Assault, AntiVehicular, Body and Special Forces.You then assign a more specific to your player.For example, the technician may disintegrate IEM enemy vehicles while another player will designate an area for air support.There are also the technician Drone, of course specializes in the management of these small devices.This represents an undeniable asset for the multi endiabler, a condition know to find it quickly.On Xbox 360, Frontlines allows parties up to 32 players (or soon 50) 8 different cards.As far as the PC version, it allows 64 people to confront.By cons, no possibility to play several on the same console and the cooperative mode subscribers is absent.Finally, on the PC, we must of course speak for setup and play in good conditions, it is important to aim high enough, with a 3.2 GHz processor, 2 GB of memory and a graphics card GeForce 7800 GT you can keep a good flow and a high level of detail.


Frontlines: Fuel Of War finally reached the goal of his mission.Despite many small technical defects and a solo campaign too poor game Kaos Studios offer gameplay catching enough to keep us in suspense for about eight hours.Although it ranks far references of the genre, the game Kaos Studios still offers good ideas as different gears and small UAVs.We knew in advance, Frontlines is mainly oriented parties in multiplayer.And on this aspect, the SPF THQ provides the essentials.