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Thread: Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods

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    Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods

    Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods should arrive by the end of the year, two years after the release of Gothic 3. So in the meantime to discover for yourself how this extension, Jowoods proposes that we take a look at these early catches. Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods should keep you in suspense during a twenty hours, hours of Thursday during which you should find many answers to your questions on Gothic 3, but also learn a little more about what you reserve the new episode of the series.

    Finally, let's finish specifying however that Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods will also offer its new batch of (weapons, armor, monsters, quests, etc.), Interactive environments, an improved graphics engine, and a new user interface.

    Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Wallpaper

    Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Screenshots

    Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Photo

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    I looked forward to this one
    If gothic 3's worth it to be played?

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