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Old 30-11-2006
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Affection Command & Conquer 3-Tiberium Wars

Whereas the things are specified for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and that Electronic Arts maintains its forecast of exit for next March, we are able to propose to you, in addition to one small video gameplay, a a little particular capture. This one described in manner very precise what accustomed the H.U.D. of the play calls, in other words the interface of control of the units and the productions.

1 - Objectives, statute of the player: while clicking on this button, the player receives information on the objectives simple solo. During the network parts, it can see alliances in progress.
2 - Button of sale: this button is used to resell a structure. The player then obtains the refunding of part of the building.
3 - Management of the current: to use this button to decontaminate a structure temporarily in order to release from energy for the remainder of the base.
4 - Repair: as its name indicates it, this button makes it possible to launch the repair of a damaged building.
5 - Energy level: this indicator makes it possible to know which quantity of energy is produced/consumed by the base. By moving the pointer of the mouse on this indicator, the precise values are posted.
6 - Mini-chart: strategic summary of the situation, the mini-chart functions in manner one cannot more traditional for the fast displacement of units for example.
7 - Resources: the state of the resources of currently available tib?rium for the purchase of structures/units.
8 - ?Contextual? mitre: this button makes it possible to have a complete list of all the buildings/all the selected units. It is thus possible to have quickly a precise idea of the state of the forces.
9 - Mitres of production: they make it possible to launch any type of production of any point of the battle field. Five categories are available: principal buildings, buildings of defense, units of infantry, units mechanized, air units.
10 - Under-mitres of production: as soon as a crane is produced, an additional button appears in this bar. It makes it possible at the same time to manage two (and more) productions.
11 - Buttons of production: to use for launching/stopping/to cancel the production of units or structures.
12 - Contextual window: a window of information on the unit or the currently selected structure.
13 - Health: represent simply the ?life? of the unit or group of units selected.
14 - Improvements: these various icons are as many information on the improvements which can be bought or which already were it.
15 - Chain of combat: this indicator makes it possible to have an idea of the position of the unit selected in the chain of combat of the play. It specifies against which units it is effective/ineffective.
16 - Statute veteran: when a unit acquired experiment with the combat, information is posted here.
17 - Special competences: certain units have particular competences, it is from here one activates them.
18 - Purchase of improvement: button allowing the purchase of improvements for the unit or the currently selected structure.
19 - Basic controls: this bar gathers the basic orders and most current that one can give to the units such as attack, displacement, stop?
20 - Stop watch of the super-capacities: when super-arms is produced, it is necessary a certain time before it is active. This indicator specifies the owner of the weapon in question and calculation time before the use is not possible.
21 - Special capacities: obtained thanks to certain structures, the special capacities go from the simple radar, with the air raid. They are launched starting from these buttons.

For every 'IF' there is a BUT and for every but there is a will for every will there is a way hate me later like me 2DAY
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Old 02-01-2008
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i think this will work on a fx 5200 video card or am i wrong..
will have to search for minimum specs i guess..
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