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Metro Redux preload bug, help

Video Games

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Old 25-08-2014
Join Date: Jun 2014
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Metro Redux preload bug, help

I have pre-purchased the Metro 2033 Redux game to play it on my pc. Recently the pre-load of this game was started a few days ago and today I had just completed downloading all the 6-7GB data of this game. But when I am trying to start the game then nothing happens? I have rechecked that I have successfully pre-loaded it. So, how do I start playing this game? If anyone knows about some fix for this issue then please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

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Old 26-08-2014
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Re: Metro Redux preload bug, help

Incase you have successfully pre-loaded that much of game data then you seem to be very lucky because there are still many people who are only able to preload only 150mb and me being one of them. The main reason you are not able to run or play the game is because it might not be still be released yet in your region and the data that you have downloaded is still encrypted. Check the region where you live and how much time is it left for the game to be released in your region side.
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Old 27-08-2014
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Re: Metro Redux preload bug, help

There are many people who have bought the bundle of this game facing 150mb preload bug and you might be one of them. There was fix given for this issue. First you need to go to your Steam Account and then request a refund. It will then instantly give you your money back from the bundle. After that buy the Metro 2033 Redux itself and it will now give you the entire 8GB data. After this is done then spend the other money you have in your wallet on Metro Last Light Redux and you will be able to preload that game as well.
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Old 28-08-2014
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Re: Metro Redux preload bug, help

It seems to me that this Metro Redux game will be available tomorrow. I have also pre-loaded the game but it says only 0 bytes although the preload information is originally saying 150MB data. I am also thinking whether 8GB is even the whole game because the last Metro game was way above 9GB. Anyways, the US release date of this game is August 26th and European is August 29. I am wondering that the data might be compressed so it will take more space once unpacked usually.
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