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Thread: Graphic sexual content in Outlast game

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    Graphic sexual content in Outlast game

    I was just searching for some new games and I came across Outlast game which seems to a horror game. I went to the Steam page to get some more information about this game. As I was reading, it was written that this game contains "Graphic sexual content"? I was wondering what kind of sexual content does this game contains? Does anybody know about it? Thanks

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    Re: Graphic sexual content in Outlast game

    Well, I think that there would be some nudity showoff in the game like for examples naked people tied to a pole or chair. While running around the game you will notice all this things with your camera. The best part of this game is when the evil tries to catch you all of the sudden, you could feel your heart beat pumping at faster rate.
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    Re: Graphic sexual content in Outlast game

    I have just watched the video on youtube and by looking at the background in the game there migth be some brutal sexual torture or else naked body lying around that were tested by the monster or so. Nudity has become famous in the new upcoming games. I enjoyed playing with Female President in Saints Row 4 where she was nude in a mission.

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    Re: Graphic sexual content in Outlast game

    I dont see anything mentioned about nudity on the Steam Store page so I guess that we will not see that thing in the game. There might be some books or clues or flashbacks in the game that will refrence to some sexual experiments or violence or such. Apart from that this game looks terrific and have got some potentials being a horror game

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