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Thread: A Virus Named Tom level 5-7 trick

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    A Virus Named Tom level 5-7 trick

    I am playing A virus named Tom and I have reached level 5-7. I have tried completing this mission many times only to fail all these times, I wanted to know if there is any way or trick to complete this level. The circuits in corner actually are difficult to play with. After some 20 attempts, I still canít figure out any way of completing this level. If anybody has completed this level, it would be helpful if you share your technique or trick with me?

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    Re: A Virus Named Tom level 5-7 trick

    First of all congratulation on reaching on level 5-7 as reaching till here in A Virus Named Tom is itself an achievement in itself. First thing that you must have noticed that both the drones that roaming in this level are bit different from drones in other levels. You will need to study their movements and the way they keep following. Also the tiles and the circuits in extreme right side of the game screen are barely visible so I recommend you to play this game in windowed mode so that you can see the hidden tiles and circuits properly before you take any action. I know that some levels in middle are designed so hard that they take more tries than expected.

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    Re: A Virus Named Tom level 5-7 trick

    I think you need to be more focused on this level than any other in this game. I am using Xbox 360 gamepad on PC for this game and I think this is what is making the difference. I think that controlling the virus in this game becomes much easy.

    I think you should get a gamepad from your friend for some time and then try to complete this level. One piece of advice, if you are frustrated because you cannot complete level 5-7 then you will kill yourself in upcoming levels as they are more difficult than this one.

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    Re: A Virus Named Tom level 5-7 trick

    I donít think that anyone can tell you a perfect way of completing this level because there are more than one way to complete it. With so many circuits to complete, one can choose to join any of it first and other one next. Also telling you which circuit to join first which second is next to impossible as there is no way I can denote each circuit for you. Even if I tell you sequence in which I completed this level, it completely depends on your timing as I donít know time interval of each drone which it needs to complete one round. Also you wonít be counting the time taken by a drone to complete a round.

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