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Thread: Prototype 2 ported for pc version is awful

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    Prototype 2 ported for pc version is awful

    I am currently playing the PC version of Prototype 2 and after playing it for one hour, I think that this is one of the worst ported game that I have played. The first thing that will cause the problem is the lack of support for many graphic cards. I am using Zotac GeForce GTX 680 and my graphic card is not supported by the graphic card. I installed the game and started it. The display went back with audio playing in background. Downgrading the graphic drivers helped me get back the video. Did anyone else too found that Prototype 2 is badly ported for PC?

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    Re: Prototype 2 ported for pc version is awful

    I donít know about Prototype 2 facing any problem with any specific graphic card. But I am sure that there is some problem with the refresh rate of this game. The refresh rate of the game and that of the monitor or graphic card doesnít match well. Many had been suffering this problem due to which it was happening that game would run at low framerate. Adjusting the framerate of the game or monitor would make the game to run properly. Either the framerate of the monitor was needed to be reduced or the framerate of the game needs to be reduced. I think that these problems make the game unplayable. Also if this problem is solved, the problem of low framerate in cut scene exists. Thank god, at least the cut scenes can be skipped.

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    Re: Prototype 2 ported for pc version is awful

    The porting of Prototype 2 has been done in terms of hardware, especially the mouse. The mouse controls are very bad and the mouse acceleration makes the framerate go down. The mouse becomes shaky when we reach at the hives. The texture and the 3D models of the hive are so high that when you reach near it, the framerates keep fluctuating at such a high rate that game begins to lag.

    The problem is that the hive has high quality textures while its surroundings donít. So when a player turns the camera away from the hive, the framerate jumps to a high level. This cause bad lags in Prototype 2. If the VSync is disabled, this problem is solved.

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    Re: Prototype 2 ported for pc version is awful

    The textures that are used in Prototype 2 are so bad. I thought that PC version will have better graphics that the console version, but the game has failed to live up to the expectations.

    The textures of the environment are fine, but the textures of the street look very bad. It doesnít just match up with the surroundings very well. The textures used for buildings and vehicles are nice. They have been improved more than the last game and thus they look beautiful. But the textures used for the character are total let down. The textures for the characters look flat and have very less details in it.

    The effects are good and are in place. I think this is the one thing that enhances the gaming experience.

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