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Thread: Best strategy to get high scores Zynga Ruby Blast

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    Best strategy to get high scores Zynga Ruby Blast

    Hey guys Ive started playing Zynga Ruby Blast after receiving its invitation from some of my friends. The game is good and I am enjoying it as well but I am still not able to get high scores. So I just want someone to share some tips and tricks that I can use to score high in the game like my friends. Help regarding this will be appreciative, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best strategy to get high scores Zynga Ruby Blast

    You can follow the below tips my friend for scoring high.

    Things that can help you score faster and higher in Ruby Blast are Nova Flare, Starfall, and Cherry Bomb. The deeper you go, it gets difficult to find out matching groups, so at this time you can use Shuffle Magic if you have saved it. You will be able to use the same for passing line, but they are not as instantaneous compared to explosive power-ups.

    You can save and use regular bombs, drills, Nova Flares, Starfall and Cherry Bombs at the end where you just have 10 seconds in drilling downward. You should first learn and know what regular bombs, drills, Nova Flares, Starfall and Cherry Bombs actually do. Once you get a hold of it you'll pick up the speed and will be able to use them better.

    You should focus on matching gems in a row as many you can, try clicking 10 sets in a row as fast as you can to hit "blast modeĒ. If you are able to click 10 more in blast mode then the row above and below will gets blasted. This can turn to be very helpful in clearing tough-to-blast obstacles.

    You should be aware of the non-purple rocks as they need 2 blasts, so better use power-up when you come across them. You should also focus at the bottom line as they will blast un-bricked areas around them. As I have mentioned the deeper you go, it gets difficult to find out matching groups you should try focusing on bottom area. Clearing bricks at the bottom area will shift down more bricks increasing the chance of finding matching groups.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: Best strategy to get high scores Zynga Ruby Blast

    Just to explain you things in a simpler way:

    Try playing with musical notes Rhythm to enter Power Mode:
    Things will get easier if you play with musical notes Rhythm, so turn on your computer sound while playing. The power mode gets enabled when you click 10 sets in a row quickly. Power mode can be quite helpful for getting high scores, in the mid of power mode you can use Ruby Blast gem shuffle for clearing tough-to-blast obstacles.

    Using Ruby Blast Power Ups at the right time:
    You should not use Ruby Blast Power Ups anywhere but use them where they can blast the most numbers of bricks. Amongst regular bombs, drills, Nova Flares, Starfall and Cherry Bombs, Nova Flare is most powerful boost for destroying bricks predictably. You should use Star Fall sparingly as it is quite random, you can use them to break up your Ruby Blast streak.

    Utilizing Money and Resource properly:
    If you are not careful then you will spend more in getting Ruby Blast power ups, they are quite costly so use them when required. You can try playing some rounds using Nova Blast only, playing so will help you in saving up coins. If you use Nova Flare, Color Shuffle, and Cherry Bomb wisely then you will be able to score quite high as possible.

    Using Friends Drills Early:
    Friendís drills can be very useful if you use them early for destroying rocks, by using them early you can get more gems on your board. Use them where they actually required, you can use them at the bottom if there are more bricks for lowering gems above the board.

    Time Management:
    Do not try to clear the bricks quickly using powerups rather try to save them and try to clear bricks above the line. Clearing bricks above the line adds 10~20 seconds of extra time boost. So donít got too fast and try to make use of extra Ruby Blast time whenever possible.

    Ruby Blast Cash Time Extension:
    You can get the cash Time extension if you are running out and have high score, you can use the extra money boost to achieve more high score.

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