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Thread: Zynga's Ruby Blast game impressions

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    Zynga's Ruby Blast game impressions

    This has been noticed from a long time that Zynga has been creating duplicates of other games and popularizing them. But we cannot say duplicating directly; they have been taking inspiration all this time. Zynga takes notice of the games developed by other developers which tend to trend and create similar game with more beautification and more options. It is like you see a cake in nearby bakery and like it. So you yourself make one but with extra icing and decorations. This is the same case with Zynga’s Ruby Blast. If you have played Wooga’s Diamond Dash before, then you will find much similarity between it and Zynga's Ruby Blast. But Zynga has beatified the game more and added some extra features that make the game much more interesting than the Diamond Dash. Actually it can also be said that Ruby Blast is inspired somewhat from PopCap’s Bejeweled which was made for PC and Mac.

    The game is very simple with you having to match colorful stones in group of three or more to create a combo and eliminate them. Blasting the stones in groups will give various combos like point multiplier or extra time and so on. The first two levels that you will play are the tutorial level which explains the basic controls and objectives of the game. Also explanation for options and their uses will be demonstrated. Then the player will be sent into the main game where one has to break the colored stones to get as many points and combos in time given. Many of these colorful stones have powers and bonus items which can be used to clear the board quickly or get more time or points. Many of these bonus items and power-ups are level locked, that is you cannot use some of these items until you reach a specific level or collect enough points. One has to go on digging till one reaches the level where the timer is extended. This game also has weekly tournaments where the points collected during the period of a week will be compared among each other to create a leaderboard. The three people who will be on the top of the leaderboard will get prizes in form of bonus items. These prizes include extra energy or blasters. After every week, the leader boards will be cleared and again new score board will start.

    Zynga's Ruby Blast is again a game involves social game factors like sending gifts to the friends who also are playing this game. The power-ups can either be collected by breaking the gems or can be purchased by use of in-game currency. There is soft currency as well as hard currency. The purchased power-ups can be used with three of them at a time. One can buy the time extender at the end of every game using the hard currency or maybe energy bars to play more games by use of hard currency. The hard currency has to be purchased using the real money. These power-ups and bonus items can help one to get on the leaderboard above one’s friends. Also more you friends are involved in this game, more gifts you will receive. More gifts means more quicker way of going up in levels.

    One good thing about this game is that it has good graphics and visual effects which give an edge to the game. The good detailing that is achieved in this game is because of its utilization of graphic processor in use’s computer and not the CPU processor. The fade in and fade out effects, the in-game effects of gems blasting and the interface movements are well designed and well presented. The way in which the in-game notifications are presented is also awesome. Zynga's Ruby Blast game needs Adobe Flash 11 to run. Though this game looks very similar to other games of same kind, I think that Zynga has taken it one step forward by adding good quality graphics.

    This game is a click frenzy where you have create colorful explosions all over the screen. You have to compete your friends by digging deeper than them and getting more points than them. Since this game is new, not much news about its users and their numbers his available. But we have to see if it can beat the arcade games like it that are already present on Facebook.

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    Re: Zynga's Ruby Blast game impressions

    I played Zynga's Ruby Blast and found nothing new in this game. Everything was like played before and the only good thing about it is the graphics of this game. I think that Zynga should stick to the different types of Villes that it creates and avoid such games. The concept is very old and now I don’t think that it must be interesting any person to play it again and again. Such games are good only in smartphones where quick games are needed. Also wasting al money to buy in game hard currency is waste as most of the bonus items are easily found in the game.

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