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Thread: Unable to move any Ships in Endless Space game

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    Unable to move any Ships in Endless Space game

    I am always unable to use or move ships whenever I start the game. Whenever I play the game i lose the game without even using the ships. Sometimes the entire level pass away in just understand how to use or move the ship. I am able to only the scout to another system only when I use colony ship in main system. But after that the ships stops moving which becomes quite annoying. is there any tips to learn moving and using ships in Endless Space?

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    Re: Unable to move any Ships in Endless Space game

    Hey even I used to think a lot in moving the ships. You wonít believe I played the first game for at least 50 times but all the time I was unable to make out how to move the ship. Even if the ships are around the shortest distance to another empire they used to never show any movement.
    When I asked my other friends who are also playing this game they told me that my ships are fallen into the sphere of influence. Even I believed him and then continued playing the game but then later on while playing I found that there were also other ships which were quite far away from the sphere of influence but still I wasnít able to move the ships.

    It was quite funny to know that just selecting the ship and then right clicking at the location or the planet can simply move the ships to the desired place. Try it, this is not a trick or a solution. Its actually a normal way of moving the ship.

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    Re: Unable to move any Ships in Endless Space game

    I guess everyone is well aware of this procedure of moving the ship. The normal steps are actually not working and this is why I think people are complaining about it. I am sure there is some kind of bug within the game. I have tried my best in moving the ships but they arenít even ready to move one step ahead. Anyways the only way I have found is to disband the fleet. But even doing that doesnít seems to be helping at all because whenever I try it the ships are destroyed. I am still not getting why I was told that disband would work. Either there is something that I am missing with the workaround or the workaround itself is not workable.

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    Re: Unable to move any Ships in Endless Space game

    Yeah, you are somewhat correct; you are missing something with Disband. Firstly let me tell you that there are actually some bugs within the game. Many of my friends are saying the same thing. They told me that the bugs are in fleet maneuvering.

    Working with the disband can be a very good experience but for that it is required to orbit one of the systems. This might take the ship to the hangar. In your case the ships destroyed because you must not have colonized the system. If the system is not colonized then the ships are destroyed.

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    Re: Unable to move any Ships in Endless Space game

    Hey I have found something interesting. Whenever i tap the shift key to move the ship it does move but what happens is only one ship move and the other one gets stuck between the systems and ignores from moving or shifting. Surely the bug is with the shift key. Firstly initially the shift key do work properly (it moves the ship properly but later on it get stuck down). The key actually do not work at all. Later on after hitting it multiple times with some other keys it starts working again.

    Anyways the best thing to get rid of the problem for that time period is to reset the game. It will get everything back to the normal position.

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