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Thread: Endless Space game positive and negative points

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    idea Endless Space game positive and negative points

    I am willing to get Endless Space game, I have checked out the videos and screenshots of the game and I’ve liked it as well. Anyways before getting Endless Space I wanted to know the positive and negative points of the game to get a better idea of it. So is there anyone who has played this game by now and can share its positive and negative points?? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Endless Space game positive and negative points

    I had preordered the game and have played it as well and below are the pros and cons according to me:

    4x space strategy
    Exploring planets, technologies and other things in game
    Music of the game

    No story, no campaign!!
    Bad interface specially on higher resolutions.
    Surprising battles

    Overall I liked the game but by now I am bored of it, you will definitely enjoy the start and will love to explore the stuffs. Since the game is not having a good story and campaign I was not that impressed with it.

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    Re: Endless Space game positive and negative points

    This is what I think:

    1. Great Graphics and intuitive interface
    2. Exploring planets/systems is interesting
    3. Itís Easy for new players because of simplicity and Low learning curve

    1. Combat is not that intuitive
    2. Exploring planets/systems gets boring after a time as there is no much surprise
    3. Gaming elements are simple and limited

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    Re: Endless Space game positive and negative points

    User interface is good and appealing
    The music and the soundtrack are great
    Exploring and conquering the universe is wonderful
    Endless replayability

    No sense of story
    Universe is very vast and continuing the exploration gets boring
    Some features seems incomplete

    Apart from this I think this game is worth playing, even I had preordered this game and I really donít have any regret for getting it. I do play the game but the game is not addictive.

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    Re: Endless Space game positive and negative points

    Guys the game is still in alpha project and I think that there can be a lot of improvement. I think Presentation, User Interface and Gameplay are good and if the story line gets improved then the game will be more interesting. I liked the game by like you all I was not satisfied with the combat as it was appearing to be a bit boring. The customization options are also appearing to be incomplete and I am really expecting them to work on these things. Overall the game is good and worth getting.

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    Re: Endless Space game positive and negative points

    I really liked the game and I think it Is an addictive game because of its contemporaries. The UI of the game is a tribute to intelligent design. I have come across people mentioning that the game is too deep and it gets boring but I really like exploring the depth of the game and digging out the surprises. Currently I playing the game at high-level and I am just enjoying it. Getting the game will not be a bad idea, it is quite worth. Some says that it is copy of Master of Orion 2 and so but I really donít mind as far as I find the game interesting. I donít think other should mind as well and they should give it a try and experience the actually difference.

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