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Thread: Spec Ops: The Line Demo Impressions

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    Spec Ops: The Line Demo Impressions

    The demo version of this game, Spec Ops: The Line, left a very strange feeling to me. One can not help comparing it with the recent game Binary Domain. Spec Ops impressions here are losing with a large margin. It has all the same gameplay, same old dull, vague story and nobody knows why. For the visual component, I have no complaints, sometimes bad but other times very beautiful. And the dirt, sweat and blood on the faces of the characters is probably the most detailed part in the game. The main disadvantage for me was the console control. Even despite the fact that I was quite comfortable on the joystick while playing Binary Domain, I realized that the demo of Spec Ops was very hard to play. The game cannot be called brilliant. It can be, however, fun to play and, more importantly, it is interesting to play a game based on a history, that cannot be seen in most of the games now. There are even multiple endings, so it will keep a gamer on its feet for a pre-long time if they want.

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    Re: Spec Ops: The Line Demo Impressions

    Spec Ops: The Line game by Yager Development company is just out to prove that it is a big-budget fun tactical shooter game, which is quite obvious. The reason is clear because third-person view provides greater realism and team mates playing on computer have to organize strategy in the battle which is not an easy task. The plot in Spec Ops: The Line, as in most modern fighter type of games, is nontrivial. Venue tumble during a natural disaster in Dubai and its surroundings. The richest eastern metropolis has become, according to the Yager Development writers, a ghost town with deserted area and covered with sand and skyscrapers, Ferrari and Lamborghini abandoned on the streets, a paradise for criminals and terrorists of all stripes start to appear. In the demo version of Spec Ops, its primary purpose is to show gamers how cool everything will be in the full version. This, at the start looks good and gamers get satisfied with a demonstration of local beauties with a bird's-eye view mixed with impressive skyscrapers. The Unreal Engine 3, used by the developers, continues to delight the eye of a gamer with good animation and lighting. Characters also did not let us down filled with high-resolution textures.

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    Re: Spec Ops: The Line Demo Impressions

    I would like to shed some light on the gameplay of this game which i played on my pc. You play as Walker, a member of the famous Delta Force, and veteran returned from Afghanistan. Your squad is charged with exploring the ruins of the city of Dubai, ravaged by dust storms of extraordinary violence, (as the outgoing president would say) to go in search of 33 survivors, an American regiment which was responsible for the evacuation of the city. Soon, by intercepting radio communications, you learn more about the fate of American soldiers and their commander, John Conrad. This is the synopsis of the game at start. Spec Ops, like most titles of the genre, is inspired by the greatest Gears of War, but also including the excellent series of a saga of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six.

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    Re: Spec Ops: The Line Demo Impressions

    I liked this game for its level design, that offers different options for attack. Apart from the usual rush or camping, we can often choose to get high on the ground or circumvent our opponents. However, this option reaches its limits when the enemy spawn is only two meter away. Weapons have well-differentiated behavior, and all seem to be useful. The assault rifle has the same versatility, but you probably will opt for a shotgun or a rifle, which offers, in addition to a certain feeling of power, a real tactical advantage. If we exclude the covers, sometimes it is somewhat risky, the fights are addictive (you can even hit in melee) but sometimes it is a little jerky. Also Spec Ops takes a simple gameplay idea, following the tactics of Rainbow Six, as said above, with the possibility of using silencers on certain weapons.

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