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Thread: Zynga's Ruby Blast freezes on intro screen in all browsers

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    Zynga's Ruby Blast freezes on intro screen in all browsers

    Zynga's Ruby Blast is new games introduced recently. I had seen the game it looks just like another brother of Bejeweled. Ruby blast does not looks unique but Zynga games are really addictive. The time whey they released Slingo, it was nice hit among people. Surely this is the best way to earn money for Zynga by keeping updated people with new games. Anyhow you have to purchase upgrades to win over new levels. The game is usually breaking up common color rubies and earn a good point over other opponents. What do you think about the new game. And I am facing issue while playing the game freezes on zynga screen. Is there anyone facing the same.

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    Re: Zynga's Ruby Blast freezes on intro screen in all browsers

    It looks similar to bubble safari. There are many games like that. But it is right to say that zynga games are bit addictive. They are too transnational, but still people love to play. Ruby Blast might be more improved one. The game use Flash player 11 so you need upgrade that.

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    Re: Zynga's Ruby Blast freezes on intro screen in all browsers

    Yes the game is similar to Bejeweled. There are common colors rubies which blast when arrange together. You can called it as match 3 type game. Zynga is the most popular game provider on facebook. I too spend quit a good time in playing such games. I hope that zynga should provide some games like Texam HoldEm. I am not talking about only Poker, but some platform where different users can play together. Like Pool. I had seen some flash sites which provide games where you can compete with people online directly.

    There is no need for registration also. This type of games are yet not fully available on facebook. Ruby Blast is another addition to the list. The game features different colors of ruby's. You need to blow similar one. But one thing that I notice that this version is more improved and better. I had face many issue in poker and bubble safari. This game looks that it is developed with more enhancement. To run the game properly you need the latest flash player. Or else the game will freeze on load. This game also has addons that you can purchase to play further. Like Blast Cash. For $100 you get maximum 1000 Blast Cash which you can use to play at further levels. A good way of earning money. It is works well in my case.

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    Re: Zynga's Ruby Blast freezes on intro screen in all browsers

    It looks there is some issue with ruby blast. I tried to play the game but it freezes on Zynga screen. I also updated the flash player. It just do not get ahead zynga screen. The option that are show above among them only Add coins and cash is working.

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    Re: Zynga's Ruby Blast freezes on intro screen in all browsers

    Looks like there is some issue with Zynga Ruby blast. I upgraded the flash player first and then went to play the game. It again freezes in between. I do not understand why this happens. I tried to find related information on Zynga support but there was nothing mentioned. I found a blog where it was written that Ruby Blast has some improved flash version with 3D support. Now that does this means. Will it work on regular browser or not. I agree that the game has new enhancement but the same must work in our existing browser.

    This kind of issue does not appear with other games that I play like Poker or Slingo. Does anyone found way to fix this out.

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