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Thread: Not enough points in Zynga Bubble Safari

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    Not enough points in Zynga Bubble Safari

    I am currently playing at level 29 and I think that the total number of points that ar4e available to collect are not enough to finish the level. The amount of points available isnít sufficient to gain even one star. I have tried many times, but I cannot find any way to complete this level. I have tried using many power-ups like extra fire and starting birds. But still I cannot complete this level. Also there are many poacherís trap and spawners in this level that stops me from getting my shots right. I donít know if it is just me or anybody else who is also facing this problem, but I think that this level is bugged. Can somebody tell me about this part in Zynga Bubble Safari?

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    Re: Not enough points in Zynga Bubble Safari

    I know that level 29 is one of the hardest levels in this game. You need to take large number of tries to complete this mission. I myself tried around 15 to 16 times before completing this mission. You have to convert as many bubbles possible into fruits to gain large amount of points that will help you to get enough points for at least one star. I think it is impossible to get three stars in this level and this might be a bug present in this game. Maybe this game doesnít have any levels designed after level 29, so developers want to avoid people from going to the next level. They cannot even tell people that there is nothing beyond level 29 as they might lose the number of members that play this game. So I think that we should stick to current way this game is designed.

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    Re: Not enough points in Zynga Bubble Safari

    The level is very hard to finish and it needs more tries than you can think. I must have tried more than 20 times before I completed this level. You need to think a lot and also be quick to complete this level. There is a power-up which lets us view the formation of the bubbles in the game before we actually play it. This will help you to plan your moves as the bubbles start coming down. My suggestion is that you should first clear the bubbles around the poacherís trap as they tend to give you sudden death. Also it is recommended to use the Extra Fire power-up for this level as it provides a fire bubble leading to kill all the dangerous bubbles. To successfully complete this level, you will need to create large number of combos to gain big points.

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    Re: Not enough points in Zynga Bubble Safari

    To complete the level 29, you have to depend on the bounced shots rather than direct shots. You need to have extended aim in order to achieve successful bounce shots. I used the extended aim and power-up that disables the spawners for some time to complete this level. The spawner creates a large amount of trouble when they start spawning randomly colored bubbles. Many times it happens that I see a red bubble and I try to create combo to burst them. But suddenly in next move the spawner generates a differently colored bubble that has no other same bubble near it. So I suggest that you should get the spawners disabled using power-ups. When disabled, you should break the link to them and drop them to finish hem from spawning more random bubbles in most unwanted spaces.

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