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Thread: Zynga Bubble Safari level 41 is impossible to beat

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    Zynga Bubble Safari level 41 is impossible to beat

    I wonder how the following levels would be as the currently 41st level for me has become a nightmare. Trust me guys, I tried all possible tricks but didnít successfully able to get out of this level. Looks like this level is never meant to be cleared by anyone, isnít it? Before entering the 41st level it took me only 5 days to clear the previous levels (app 10 levels each day). But guess what? From past 2 days I am at level 41. Those bees are playing a major role in disallowing me from entering the next level. Please guys, if anyone has any trick for clearing the level then please let me know. And also comment if you are one amongst me who is facing the same problem with level 41.

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    Re: Zynga Bubble Safari level 41 is impossible to beat

    No I am luckily not one amongst you until I cleared it today morning. To be frank once this level took my breath too, as I was not able to clear it anyhow. But now I can take a sigh of relief and continue with the following levels. Right now I am at level 48. My current status proves that I was not a bad player; it was just my bad time with level 41. I cannot suggest you any trick my friend. If you are well aware of this game you must know the game most plays on co-incident and luck. If you are lucky enough then definitely you will clear the stage. From the time I started this level always there used to be something missing during the climax but today morning I managed to get the same colored combination of bubbles and ultimately did it.

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    Re: Zynga Bubble Safari level 41 is impossible to beat

    Make the use of free bubbles and the power ups if you have any with you. You must have got at least some free bubbles from your neighbor. During the level 41 game plays just make use of these bubbles. I will not assure that you will get rid of the level but at least you will manage resolve your difficulties within this level. I did the same, use to face certain difficulties, just used the advantages that I got and ultimately cleared the stage.

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    Re: Zynga Bubble Safari level 41 is impossible to beat

    Big thanks to youtube. i started watching bubble safari level 41 videos on youtube from the time I found it difficult to clear. Every time I played the level I watched the video clip clearly to play my level exactly the same but obviously the level not always remains the same. Actually I was trying to copy the level exactly which is never possible. Then later on I was suggested by my friend to first watch the video carefully and then extract some of the important tricks which I could use in my case. Thatís it, now I am done and cleared with the level. I know how the question is going around in your mind. When I saw the video what I observed that during the starting time the player used to shoot the bubble most at the side wall which would reflect and then hit the bubbles that seemed to be quite difficult to break. This is what I found as the main key to clear the level. Other than this as already explained above you should make use of the free power ups and other special power when required.

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