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Thread: Zynga Bubble Safari is a very hard game

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    Zynga Bubble Safari is a very hard game

    No doubt the game is really enjoyable. From day one onwards there isnít a single moment where I got bored playing it. I am not the only one playing it right now; there are my other family members who are deeply involved in playing Zynga Bubble safari at my place. However with this game we all do not share the same experience and opinion but at one point of stage we all have the same conclusion. The conclusion is that this game is too hard and quite difficult crossing certain level in it. I personally find it difficult during the climax of every level. I mean, whenever the level is about to end instead of getting the matching bubble I get several different colored bubbles which extends the level and then makes me to play for a longer while.

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    Re: Zynga Bubble Safari is a very hard game

    I wonít say that the game is difficult. Obviously all game do the same, as you cross each and every level and as you go playing the higher level those levels become difficult with some of the other twist. These twists make the game more difficult to be played. This is what happening in my case too. I too found the game difficult but not at all the level. Let me tell you that until now I crossed 50 levels and currently I am stuck at 51st level. Trust me I have tried my best crossing this level but didnít do it successfully. The only thing I find difficult is the bees that takes away my life even after trying several tricks. Whenever I hit the bees they come down and hit the trap thatís it. I loose my life. I always try to get away from them but somehow get into it and kill myself.

    But however I would not say that this game is difficult as you said in your post. Games are bound to get harder at its every increment in the level. This is what the main enjoyment is, to get rid of the most difficult traps.

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    Re: Zynga Bubble Safari is a very hard game

    I know people do feel the game bit difficult because of certain unwanted and unnecessary things. I too personally feel the same. due to some randomness I get disturbed in between the game which takes off all the interest from it. Randomness of the colored bubbles, everytime I see that the color changes at all moment like I can see a different color bubble in the deck then another different colored bubble in the gun and so on. This thing confuses me a lot and distracts my mind which makes the game more difficult for me.

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    Re: Zynga Bubble Safari is a very hard game

    I have no problem with the game play. The only thing I find difficult is the bee hives and the fire that comes out but however its fine as they are the part of game and without difficulties games are never interesting and challenging. Currently I am at level 49 and you know what I am playing this level from past one week but havenít cleared yet. The coconut bubbles do irritates me a lot and also as you said the random changing of the bubbles confuses me but minutely. Coconut bubbles sometimes do takes a long time to get burst and come down.

    At each level what happens is we try hard to cross it and after we successfully complete the level when we enter the next level we believe that this level would be a piece of cake for us but later on it prove to be another hurdle. I know the same thing is going to happen with me. Lets see, today I am giving my whole day for 49 and I am sure I will clear it no matter how much difficult I will have to face. Never give up any game, difficulty is a part of it so try to overcome it.

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